BETWEEN was created after a merger between SOLID Engineering and ADICIONA Servicios in July 2015, to offer comprehensive service and technological solutions to its clients.

SOLID was founded by Francesc Civit in 2000 and started out providing machinery designing and industrial processing automation to later offer product designing, servicing all the production cycle, from the designing to the industrialization process. In 2007, the company added consulting and outsourcing services in different engineering fields, and at the time of the merger it had a team of over 150 consultants with broad experience in Engineering as well as Operations, located in different countries, mainly in Asia.

ADICIONA was founded by Eli Abad in 2003 to provide customized IT consulting services to small and large businesses. At its beginnings, it developed an outgoing email filter to comply with the Spanish Information Society Services Act (LSSI), but the lack of commercial success of the product shifted the company into providing ICT outsourcing services. In 2007, it added profile selection services to its technological portfolio. At the time of the merger, it had a team of over 90 people.

BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY combines the experience of two companies with an extensive background in mechanical and electronic engineering, IT and software, operations and continuous process engineering (chemical and petrochemical industries), working together to improve our clients’ day-to-day activities. Between our clients´ abilities and needs: BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY.

Meet our Executive Team

Our Mission

To provide clients with the best knowledge and solutions through our industry expertise and technology.

Our Goal

To become a market leader in technological consulting through our industry expertise and commitment of the company’s staff, always one step ahead in meeting our clients’ needs.


  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Meritocracy and equal opportunity
  • Team work
  • People-oriented
  • Precision
  • Proactivity