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Amendments to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives

The companies CEMDAL and Solid Engineering have reached a collaborative agreement to facilitate the conformity process of their products with regarding the compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.

This process is required because any electrical equipment, machinery or fixed installations that are sold within the European Union must be in conformity with, at least, two European Directives, as well as any other regulations applicable to their specific type, if these exist. In the case of machinery, the products must also comply with the Directive for Machinery Safety.

The two aforementioned compulsory European Directives are the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (CEM) and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

Compliance with the current Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/CE has been compulsory for all products included in their field of application (equipment, fixed installations or machinery that contain any type of electronic components) since 20 July 2009, and will remain in force until the new 2014/30/EU Directive is introduced in April 2016. The new Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, 2014/30/EU, was published on the 29 March 2014 and will be applicable from the 20 April 2016.

CEMDAL and Solid Engineering have joined forces to adapt, as soon as possible, to the changes that the enforcement of this new regulation within the year will imply.

Francesc Daura Luna, Director of CEMDAL and Industrial Engineer, is an expert in Electromagnetic Compatibility, and has written a full article (in Spanish) that explains the new 2014/30/EU Directive in detail.



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