BETWEEN has closed the year 2020 reaching 24 million euros despite the forecasts given the pandemic. This figure has resulted in the first year that BETWEEN has suffered its first drop in turnover of 12%. However, when compared with the fall in national GDP of 11%, thanks to the fact that the technology and engineering sector is more dynamic than others, it has not been as affected as the national average. Thanks to this, BETWEEN has closed the year with positive results despite the effects of the pandemic.

There have been 5 successive years of growth until 2020, which for obvious reasons we have suffered like most companies. We are in many sectors, which in part has been positive, but in some others, such as the hotel industry, the impact has been negative. However, the recovery has been very good, and we can be satisfied to have achieved the results thanks to the work and effort of the entire squad during a very demanding and complicated year” relates Pau Guarro, General Director of BETWEEN.

Despite the bump, the company says it recovered the pace of projects during the second half of the year and predicts a more optimistic 2021. BETWEEN plans to hire 200 professionals, profiles such as engineers and computer scientists, during this year to boost its growth and reach 30 million euros in annual turnover. On the other hand, BETWEEN will also continue with its geographical expansion. The group wants to open new offices in Spain and is studying opening offices in State territories such as Galicia or Andalusia. “We closed the year recovering part of the lost ground and with benefits. Looking to 2021, our approach is one of growth“, says Guarro.

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