One more year, in BETWEEN the Betweener Solidari@ was carried out


This edition has raised 1.505€, a figure that the company has doubled to end up donating a great total of 3.010€. As usual, the money raised is intented to support direct actions aimed to help people.

Following the same procedure as the last edition, this year 4 projects have been presented;

Among these projects, one was chosen through a vote so that the betweeners would start making their donations.

Finally, the winning and most voted proposal was Fundació AFANOC. It focuses on the struggle to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and their families. The donation will be destined to the improvement of the spaces of the Casa dels Xuklis, where the children and families coexist. It will also be used for educational material and for the gaming rooms

Lucia Valenzuela, Talent Development Specialist from BETWEEN, affirms that “it is a great luxury to be able to collaborate in projects of this type, it gives us the opportunity to approach different realities that sometimes we don’t know, while letting us see that we can reach beyond thanks to the collaboration of our betweeners”.



Pau Guarro, General Director of BETWEEN, was the one in charge of the delivery of the symbolic check to AFANOC. He had the opportunity to visit the facilities and learn more about the activity of the association. Maite Golmayo, Communication Director of the association, was very happy for the donation: “for us, any donation is a huge help to improve the wellness of our children and families, making them fell this place as their own home”.

¡Thank you very much to all the betweeners who have helped this project grow with your donations!