BETWEEN, the Catalan subsidiary of international holding The Talent Club, has taken a majority stake in Hopla! Software, a Madrid-based technology firm dedicated to digital transformation and modernization of business applications and software.

The operation, the amount of which has not been disclosed, will allow Hopla! to grow in new markets, it now has a presence in Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Mexico, and to enter the engineering representation segment. The company, founded in 2013, has a team of 50 people and offers data and infrastructure management services with Red Hat, Nginx or Kubernetes, among other providers.

The Madrid company will thus become part of The Talent Club. This company, with offices in Paris and Madrid, was born two years ago with the aim of investing in talent management companies related to technology, sports, entertainment or executive recruitment. It is led by Jérôme Caille, former CEO of Adecco. A few months after its creation, The Talent Club acquired 80% of BETWEEN, which has been part of the consortium ever since.

The sports representation agency YouFirst Sports (Spain), the talent scouting firm Lincoln (France), the sports consultancy Sportcarriere (France) and the company in the same sector The Bozz (Belgium) are also members of it. Recently, Digital Jobs (France) has also joined. The whole group as a whole expects to add revenues of 100 million euros this year.

Juan Zamora, founder and CEO of Hopla !, as well as his management team, will become shareholders of The Talent Club, which already brings together some 70 partners from the executive leadership of its investees. For its part, BETWEEN wants to take advantage of the integration of Hopla !, which will maintain its independence, to raise revenues to 31 million this year, grow in the main Spanish cities and hire a team of 200 engineers. The engineering consultancy, with currently 400 employees, is headquartered in the Meridiano Cero complex in Barcelona. The firm also has three other centers in Spain and offices in the United Kingdom, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

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