Ethics Alert Channel

Welcome to BETWEEN Technology’s Ethics Alert Channel.

BETWEEN Technology is a consultancy specialized in the search and representation of high quality engineering and IT profiles. With a highly qualified team and a wide network of contacts in the industry, we offer our clients the best talent for their projects and vice versa.

Whether you are looking to enhance your professional career or you just want to find a reliable partner to help you find the right profiles to drive your business to success, at BETWEEN Technology we have the solution.

At BETWEEN Technology we are committed from day one to respecting compliance with the Equality Plan, a key element of our values as a company.

The basic pillar of talent management focuses on equal opportunities. To develop their full professional potential, all our talents have the same opportunities regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ideology. That’s why we offer you our code of ethics.

That is why at BETWEEN Technology we make our Ethics Channel Policy available to anyone interested. The Ethics Channel is a mechanism for reporting misconduct or violations of ethical codes within an organisation. It is designed to provide employees, suppliers, customers or other stakeholders with a safe and confidential way to report ethical concerns, such as fraud, corruption, discrimination, harassment, abuse, among others. The aim is to foster a culture of integrity and transparency and to enable BETWEEN Technology to address these issues effectively. It is important to emphasise that the Ethics Channel guarantees privacy at all times for both the whistleblower and the individual or company concerned.