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Internal committees: Permanent Commission on CSR and Equality

We continue with changes in the internal Committees, in our latest news we share information about the new Permanent Committee on Risks and Compliances, and we explain some of its objectives.

On this occasion we will talk about the creation of the Permanent Commission on CSR and Equality that will support the Appointment, Remuneration and CSR Committee.

The mission of our commission is to make BETWEEN a better and socially responsible place. We see that commitments such as the LGD are fulfilled, that we are being efficient in environmental matters, that there is equal parity, among other issues ”, comment Sara Alberti, spokesperson for the commission.

Among the works that have been carried out with the help of the commission and other internal departments we can highlight:

* The Equality Plan: created to support equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, and to eliminate discrimination based on gender.

* The Inclusive Communication Guide: to support communication free of stereotypes and prejudices, being respectful of all groups.

* Development of eco-friendly products : as part of the end-of-the-year gift, reusable water bottles made of sustainable materials were developed.

It is continuous work, but at the same time very rewarding. For example, we want to share with you that this year we closed August with 25.4% of women on the workforce, unlike last year we had 22%. It is an increase that makes us proud, since We are noticing that our work to achieve this equality is bearing fruit ”, concluded Sara.



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