During the BETWEEN Open Day, there was a debate session among all the attendees about topics as: the role of talent in the internationalization of PIME’s, or the industrial accompaniment in the R&D processes. From these colloquia, we were able to draw some key conclusions that can be applied in different departments and companies of the sector


Accompaintment in R&D and digitalization processes

  • The importance of security in data management must go hand in hand with the global digitalization of the industrial world (interpretation and data storage). Security must surpass the first step of digitalization of the industry 4.0 and permeabilize process levels.
  • For manufacturers, it’s difficult to show clients how big data can be monetized. You must invest a lot, and it’s hard to demonstrate clients who have the mantra of “if I don’t see it, then I don’t buy it”. The challenge is to make visible for the client, the value of these tools.

“The industrial scope will increasingly weight less in the machine sales or in the service, and the strategic value added will gain more weight thanks to the data analysis.” – Joan Ramoneda, BU Director in BETWEEN.


Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing facilitates the processes of incorporating the appropriate profile for each project. In this case, BETWEEN’s proactivity when choosing candidates is a very positive asset for companies.
  • Outsourcing, within new candidates incorportaion, is a good way to support the company’s workers, so that it is dedicated to more specific tasks related to the creation and resolution of other problems.

“Who knows best the environment, the product, the machines and the services are the companies themselves. The best problem solvers for the day to day, are the engineers and the company equipment. For the rest of the support tasks, outsourcing is the best option. “- Xavi Téllez, Key Account Manager, in BETWEEN.


Recruitment and talent retention in Internationalization

  • The recruitment of young talent, directly from the universities / professional training, should have a mentoring from the most more experience professionals in the team.
  • Regarding managers mobility, it’s important that the company itself be responsible for adapting candidates to the new headquarters.

It is very important the good diffusion of the values ​​of a company, which are not only the mission, vision and objectives, but are the ones that are demonstrated in the day-to-day behavior and, above all, that they have to leave the own entrepreneurs and team managers. “- Martí Lloveras, CEO of ARGOS.