The last november, the Management and the General Direction team, have decided to create 2 new figures inside the technological department; the Digital Transformation Advisor and the Chief Technology Officer.

The position of the Digital Transformation Advisor will be occupied by Ricardo Alonso, Technical Director of the internal Development team until now.

These fundamental positions have been created after analyzing BETWEEN’s current needs and the trends of the technological sector. Ricardo’s goal now is to look for the best operational efficiency, the best client’s experience and new business development models.

Meanwhile, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) position will be occupied by Albert Linero, until now responsible for BETWEEN’S IT Infrastructure. Both the IT Infrastructure team and the company’s Internal Development team will depend on him. With all his experience, knowledge and more than 10 years in the company, he is the one to carry on with this new responsibility.

We wish them a lot of success in this new professional stage, and we know they will bring a lot of improvements for the company.