ESADE, the Higher School of Business Administration and Management, has developed the Empenta IX. Empenta is an acceleration and incubation program for technology-based startups.

One of the advantages of the program is that it offers expert mentoring, with specialized tutors and professionals from the most relevant companies in Industry 4.0. On this occasion, our CEO, Oscar Serret, was invited to participate as a mentor for one of these startups

The startup selected to be mentored by Oscar was 123sonar. Urko and Julia, 123sonar entrepreneurial partners, are professional cellists, trained in fields such as sound engineering and instrument pedagogy.

123sonar, musical instruments with a eco-friendly view

We have 20 years of experience in the music sector, at 123sonar we design and manufacture instruments and accessories with innovative and eco-friendly materials. Our mission is to create musical instruments that reach every corner of the planet without destroying any forest to build them”, Urko and Julia share with us.

Currently, betting on an innovative product and 4.0 technology, they are working on a project to develop a prototype carbon fiber cello. His musical instruments maintain the traditional dimensions but are designed for the current musician.

We found out about the Empenta program, and we signed up because we were interested in interacting with other companies, receiving training and high-impact mentoring,” Julia explains to us about the motivation to participate in a program like Empenta.

For his part, Oscar, wanted to be part of the program as he sees the importance of supporting different startups, young talent and the possibility of opening the eyes of many other investors who might be interested in supporting these emerging companies.

Mentoring as a growing tool

Regarding her experience in the program, Julia tells us, “After the mentoring we saw clearly the need to diversify both in product and in activities. Oscar has made us think in different directions, has helped us segment and get to know our client better. His vision from outside the music sector has been really refreshing and enriching for us”.

For his part, Oscar agrees that his participation has brought him very positive feelings, “It has been a very good and enriching experience to have been able to participate in this project. It is incredible to see how even in difficult times like the ones we are experiencing, innovation and entrepreneurship do not stop. There is always movement and new things happening around us”.

One of the most important points that 123sonar highlights about his final learning of the program is having enjoyed working together with someone like Oscar. “With his expertise and all his knowledge, it is very gratifying since he is someone who knows how to speak clearly and in a stimulating way for creative people like us“, 123sonar concluded.