Almost a year after Between’s creation on July 1, 2015, last December 11 the first Between Night was held. It is one of the two annual events in which, falling on Summer vacation and Christmas, a large amount of Betweeners get together to go over the most important information of the semester, focus on the upcoming future, and why not, spend an incredible fun night.

Between Night, held at the Diagonal Zero de Barcelona Hotel, hosting 180 Betweeners, started with the presentation of our new Talent Manager Department under Cristina Pellicer’s Management who went over new initiatives that will allow Between Technology workers to continue growing and become more involved with the company.

Oscar Serret, the company’s CEO and in charge of reviewing Human Resources information, went over our half-year old new brand’s achievement and immediate objectives.

Between Night was the first time for many Betweeners to get together with other work partners and management, turning it also into a presentation (or review) of some company’s key aspects, such as its main business areas and international expansion.

And the party began!                     

Once all current and future information was presented, a Betweeners family photograph and a ruffle for a trip to Rome were the openings of the most entertaining part of the #BetweenNight.

As the food platters traveled by the Hotel Diagonal Zero lobby and bottles started to pop, the party’s photocall welcomed its first assistant who did not hesitate to take the funniest photographs of the night.

Laugh, reunions, toasts, complicity, and much to celebrate in the first of many Between Nights were Betweeners and collaborators get together to remember past anecdotes, imagine future adventures, and continue building a brand, even though new, that provides experience to all its teams.