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Digital Encounter with betweeners’ kick-off

With the start of the new year and the new Managing Team with Pau Guarro i Oliver (the company’s former Sales Manager) at the helm of it, we still had a pending matter, one of the first novel proposals of this stage: being by the side of every single betweener making up our organisation. No sooner said than done, last February 21st we kicked off our first Digital Encounter with BETWEEN’S Managing Team, where, through a live online meeting, betweeners got to ask our Managing Director all kinds of questions and raised their doubts and concerns. Pau answered to all betweeners’ enquiries and the meeting was even extended for a few extra minutes in order to be able to give response to all the attendees.

We received the questions made by betweeners both by means of the registration form and directly during the Digital Encounter. Most of them had in common the main issues that may concern any worker these days: social benefits, career and professional growth, future prospects within BETWEEN, lines of business in the medium and long term, etc.

Betweeners’ testimonials

Since this has been our first initiative of this kind, we were eager to know what the participants thought of it, and here’s what they told us:

Roberto Serrano

I think it was a fantastic initiative. I probably missed face-to-face communication instead of a chatroom, but it was good. As for the questions, I would have liked to get more precise answers regarding some of the issues, but I understand that, from the General Management, that was all the information Pau could provide to us. In short, it was a great experience.

Toni Marín

It was really interesting having a company’s manager answering directly [to his employee’s doubts] … mine were more focused on the company’s line of business than at a personal level, and Pau had even prepared the figures to defend his answers. The staging was perfect; he was very friendly, and he answered all kinds of questions, even some personal ones on bonus pays, if my memory doesn’t fail me. It was a good experience, it makes the employee feel engaged with the company.

Laura López

Regarding the Digital Encounter, I think it is great being able to hold this kind of meetings with Pau and all those who are part of BETWEEN’s team. It allows us to share the concerns we all have and to get to know both the opportunities we are given within the company for a better development and growth, and the possibilities of achieving professional success in the direction we had planned to take. In addition, these sessions allow us to have a global vision of the company’s situation, of the direction towards where the company is heading, and also of its evolution in the short-medium term.

In fact, we have also asked Pau how he felt during his first live Digital Encounter, and he claims that it has been a very pleasant experience: “I think it is useful for opening more communication channels between the company and betweeners. Overall, the betweeners I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a posteriori have given me very positive feedback, so I’m very satisfied. My aim is to leave the way open for handling any issue with all of BETWEEN’s employees. This kind of events go in line with one of our core values, which is transparency”. When faced with the question: “Will you repeat the experience again?”, he didn’t hesitate: “If you let me, of course I will”.

So, what about you? Did you miss out on BETWEEN’s first Digital Encounter? Don’t worry! Stay alert, we’ll keep you updated on news related with this kind of events and, in general, about all BETWEEN Technology’s breaking news.

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