Antonio del Valle, first generation hero of the BETWEEN Hero Academy, shared his knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Office, in a very complete training course.

When I learned to programme, I would have appreciated having someone explain it to me in my own language. Based off that, I came up with the idea of offering this training course. Who better than a colleague to help you with your own files, formats and problems in your everyday work?”, Antonio explains to us that this was the main reason for choosing this training.

On the other hand, Antonio explains to us that his passion isn’t teaching, but his desire to help his colleagues optimise manual procedures. In his day-to-day, he uses this superpower when he looks for a solution to problems he encounters when using Office.

Superpowers that are shared

His first training course was a success in terms of the number of people who signed up, which was unexpected: “Such a long training course (6 hours) could be deterrent, but the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised by the response of my colleagues”, Antonio says.

I’m a fan of sharing, of free software and open source. I believe that this is one of the foundations of companionship and being a team. In that regard, I’ve always been more of a sharer than a hoarder”, Antonio explains when asked how he feels when sharing his superpowers with others. Not coincidentally, he is currently in the Top 1. Knowledge is power.

One of Antonio’s apprentices, who took advantage of this opportunity to sign up for the training course, explains her experience. “I thought it was great. In addition, you could tell that he had really prepared for it. Teaching content for six hours of a training course isn’t easy, and he even sat down with the Team Leads to prepare solutions to the problems they raised“, says Paula del Puerto, Antonio’s apprentice.

Paula del Puerto, aprendiz de la Hero Academy de BETWEEN

Knowledge is power

The reasons for joining a training course always vary, but they are usually based on enhancing your professional skills.  “I believe that training is very important in order to become more knowledgeable and not have to depend on others if I want to progress in my ability to use a tool. It’s also a great opportunity offered by the company to improve your professional profile”, Paula tells us.

The BETWEEN Hero Academy is an opportunity for both personal and professional growth for all betweeners. “It’s a really great initiative to be able to contribute your knowledge in a specific area and to have a forum in which you can share it. I get that not everyone can find the time to prepare training courses, but the result is certainly worth it”.