Flexible remuneration

As a Betweener, you can personalize the payment of your salary depending on your personal situation, and take advantage of tax benefits by contracting a series of services (meal card, medical insurance, etc.). With the same gross salary, pay less income taxes and enjoy greater net pay.

BETWEEN has implemented a FLEXIBLE REMUNERATION program

What is flexible remuneration?

This is a salary regime that allows employees to receive their salary in different forms:

Part in CASH.

Another part in PRODUCTS and SERVICES offered by the company.

How does it work?

1. The employee selects the products/services they want to buy, typically products that they already pay for out of their net salary.

2. The company pays for the services purchased by the employee.

3. The employee enjoys the purchased services as they and/or their immediate family need them, and increases their net available income.

Which products provide tax benefits?

Health insurance

Benefit from BETWEEN’s specially negotiated fee of €41.75 / month.

Meal Card

Spend €9 per working day, up to €180 per month.

Public Transport Passes

Pay for your public transport and high speed train tickets and passes, up to €1500 per year.

Daycare fees

Pay your toddler’s daycare fees (ages 0 to 3 years). No upper limit.

Between began implementing this Flexible Remuneration program in January 2017. Those who wish to sign up for the plan can do so between the 1st and the 10th of each month*, with this remuneration plan taking effect from the beginning of the following month. *All Betweeners who have been with the company for at least six months may benefit from this plan. We have held various information sessions to explain this program first-hand; following is a video of one of them, to provide you with all the information you need.


1. How can I benefit from the flexible remuneration plan?

All Betweeners can access our flexible remuneration plan starting from their sixth month working at the company. In that month, we will provide you with access to the EDENRED platform so you can run simulations of your flexible remuneration plan and order the products/services that meet your needs.

2. What are advantages of the flexible remuneration plan?

• Take advantage of legally allowable tax benefits. • Purchase products and services, which you currently pay out of your net wages, out of your gross wages instead. • Allows employees to designate part of their gross salary to the purchase of the goods and services they need. • Each employee can decide how they want to be remunerated. • Take advantage of economies of scale when purchasing products. • When the company purchases for a group you’ll enjoy lower prices than when purchasing individually.

3. How does this flexible remuneration plan benefit BETWEEN?

• Build company loyalty by adapting to the needs and personal circumstances of each Betweener. • Boost BETWEEN’s reputation as employer by putting in place a well liked and recognized system, and standing out from the competition. • Boost productivity thanks to more highly motivated Betweeners. • Increase Betweeners’ purchasing power by providing them with benefits. • Make BETWEEN a GREAT PLACE TO WORK in accordance with our policy of continuous improvement.

4. Does my salary change?

Your salary remains the same as it was before signing up for the flexible remuneration plan; your gross salary DOES NOT CHANGE. You simply decide that you would like to receive part in cash and part in services.

5. Is there a maximum amount of my salary that can be made flexible?

The legal maximum the labor laws of Spain allow remuneration to be paid out in kind is 30% of total remuneration.

6. Do I continue to pay Social Security contributions?

Flexible salaries remain subject to social security taxation. The savings come from the fact that the portion used for flexible remuneration products/services are no longer subject to personal income tax.

7. How do I report this on my tax return in June?

No need to do anything different than you have in previous years. BETWEEN will provide you with a withholding statement with all the relevant information you’ll need to report on your tax return.

8. Do I need to change my employment contract?

Employees who are interested in this flexible remuneration plan simply need to sign an amendment by which they express their desire to change their compensation model. This document communicates the change officially and in writing, without needing to change your actual employment contract.

9. At which establishments can I use my meal card?

At all establishments with a hospitality POS (basically bars and restaurants). We have chosen a payment card that lets you to pay in any establishment regardless of whether or not it belongs to the EDENRED network. The card works like a MasterCard.

10. Do I lose the balance that I don’t spend in a given month?

With both the meal card and the public transport card, your balance never expires but always carries over to the following month.

11. Can I use the transportation card to purchase airline tickets?

You can use your transport card to purchase tickets and passes for all forms of public transport (bus, subway, train, tram, etc.), including the high-speed rail. However, it cannot be used to purchase airline tickets.

12. What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

A lost card can be replaced for a cost of €5, to be paid by the employee.

13. Who can sign up for the health insurance plan?

All Betweeners and their immediate family members (spouse and children).

14. What does the medical insurance cover?

If you’re interested, we will send you information on the policy via email.

15. Who is the medical team?

You can see the list here.

16. If I already have a health insurance policy, do I keep my seniority?

You don’t lose your seniority when switching from another health insurance plan. You won’t have any gap in coverage, except in case of giving birth (10 months).

17. Are there any gaps in coverage?

If more than 5 Betweeners sign up for the insurance policy there will be no gaps in coverage nor pre-existing conditions. So come on! The more of us there are, the better it is for all of us.

18. What happens if my employment at BETWEEN is terminated?

ISALUD manages our group health insurance, and will negotiate with each ex-Betweener the terms for continuing to enjoy the company health insurance policy if they wish. There is no guarantee of continued coverage.

19. Is there a minimum required time for registration for health insurance?

The sign-up period is for a minimum of one year.

20. Is there an option of signing up for a plan that includes a reimbursement service?

Of course, if you’re interested in this option, the rate is €64.26 per month. Send us a question at retribucionflexible@between.tech.

21. Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions related to the health insurance plan, please contact ISALUD, the company that manages our corporate health insurance account. Their contact phone number is: 902 88 86 68.


For all other questions, please contact us by means of a simple form.