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BETWEEN Technology bases its entire strategy and its interpersonal relations on some very identifiable values: People orientation, Respect, Honesty and transparency, and Proactivity.

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How is the selection process at BETWEEN?

1. We keep you informed at all times

You will know the status of your application. Always.

2. It’s the beginning of a great friendship

If not now, then in another project, we always remember a good profile.

3. We adapt to your availability

Interviews via Skype, in person, according to your schedule.

4. We give you all the information you need about the project or offer.

You will know what the post to be filled consists of in detail.

Main sectors of technological employment

For years, the technology sector has had excellent growth prospects and, in addition, it offers juicy salaries to its workers, who in return are required to have increasingly specific professional profiles and training. There are certain positions that also offer interesting prospects for career growth.

In our job offers section you can see first-hand the diversity and quantity of new technological employment projects that we publish daily. But, if you want to know which are the main sectors that generate demand for technological employment, you should know that those with the best prospects for the future (increasingly digitalised) are engineering, IT, telecommunications, technologies and the field of information technology in general.

As you can see, the importance of technology in society, in general, and in the labour market, in particular, is increasing and will multiply in the coming years with the demand for more specialised professional profiles which, if everything continues as at present, will be able to obtain higher salaries than the average in other employment sectors.


Why is BETWEEN’s selection process different?

We could tell you many reasons why our recruitment process stands out from the rest of the tech recruitment consultancies you’ve come across, but we’d rather let our recruitment and talent acquisition experts tell you about it themselves. If you’ve already participated in one of our processes, you’ll know more than one face! Press play and get to know us.

Don’t fit any of our current positions but want us to keep you in mind for future offers?

Send us your CV. Your information will be stored in our database for future vacancies.

Already applied but still have questions?

To request information about our selection processes, clarify any doubts about our Job Portal or report an incident when applying for one of our vacancies, please use the following form.