Between Technology has launched its Flexible Remuneration Package this October. The initiative will allow Betweeners to make the most of some benefits and several tax advantages, such as lower tax rates and an increment in their take-home pay.

Between’s flexible remuneration package offers Betweeners four different types of benefits: child care vouchers, health insurance, restaurant vouchers and public transport cards. The benefits can be used together, which means that Betweeners can have all four benefits if they want to. Informative talks and sessions will be held over the coming weeks to answer any queries and doubts.

Flexible remuneration packages, also known as company benefits, are one of the most wanted employee benefits, and a prime consideration when looking for a job, since they allow workers to increase their take-home pay and save money,as the benefits form part of their salary.

The introduction of flexible remuneration packages is part of the Great place to work initiative, whose goal is to continuously improve the company thanks to the opinions and suggestions of Betweeners.

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