Eli Abad, founding partner of BETWEEN Technology, is specialized in talent acquisition and very aware of the increase in the number of women in technology.

La Vanguardia has conducted an interview for the special monograph of the Advanced Factories 2020 where they deepened the issue of women in the ICT sector.

Why girls don’t want to study the so-called STEM careers ?

Do not want or the environment (family, teachers, movies, advertising, social networks, etc) has conditioned them to believe that they will not be good or will not be happy with STEM? I think the second. 

And they limit themselves?

Yes, but it is not a genetic issue. This self-limitation is not supported by a lower capacity for technologies than men. We can get a very clear idea of ​​how this self-limitation is constructed in our minds with the book “Women do not dare to ask,” by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, in which the authors explain how we condition children educationally because of the unconscious biases of adults and how we perpetuate sexist patterns both in preferences of studies and professions and in negotiating capacity.

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