It is August and Solid Engineering workshop in Barcelona is at full steam. It almost could be said that the workshop is “open for holidays”, employers joke.

Three orders keep busy the workshop these days. The first one is an electronic project for a company of rotating machinery, a sector in which Solid Engineering has an extensive experience.

The second project is test equipment for railway interior systems, a work that is keeping busy several workers of Solid Engineering.

Finally, the workshop is also working with a project of precision machinery for the digital printing industry.

August is being a “period of heavy workload. We need to overcome the problems that some of the suppliers are in vacation”, says Pau Guarro, Commercial Director of Solid Engineering.

In addition to the large amount of projects in the workshop, Solid Engineering is immersed in expanding their Barcelona offices. This expansion aims to increase the company’s commercial capacity and it also will strengthen the human resources team.