Since a few weeks ago, BETWEEN’s People team has new teammates, which add to the strategic objective of management and people company loyalty.

It’s about the old Service Managers team, which in addition to the new location within the organization chart they now have a new name, People Business Partners. “This new name, positions the people startegy that BETWEEN has always followed, based on a humane treatment, focused on you with all betweeners“, said Esther Martínez, People Manager at BETWEEN.

People Business Partners incorporation to the team led by Esther Martínez, will not imply any change at the operational level, since they will remain physically located in the Business Units to which they provide service, and in their daily activities they will remain the same as strategic business partners.

According to Pau Guarro, CEO of the company, “We are faithfully convinced that this change comes to add and bring positive results to the strategic objectives set by BETWEEN.”

In BETWEEN we keep adding, people and efforts, that’s why we are more than 500 betweeners that will now benefit from the strategic change from People Business Partners revolution.