Joan Ramoneda, Business Unit Director of BETWEEN in Barcelona responds in this interview to professional aspects of the business unit he manages.



  • As Barcelona’s Business Unit director, how have you lived the development of the unit?

Companies are going through a stage of many technological changes and, following our philosophy of accompanying our clients, we have gradually adapted ourselves to the new methodologies arising when managing projects in order to provide our partners with the counselling they need. On the one hand, we have enlarged our IT services’ portfolio, and, thanks to this, we have been able to start working with clients who contribute with a very high business volume. On the other hand, in the engineering division we have been able to mature in sectors such as the Automotive and Industrial Machinery one by contributing not only with development solutions, but also with Comprehensive Solutions with our own product.


  • What is the situation of the unit you manage?

We come from an organisation that has experienced an exponential growth in just a few years. Barcelona’s BU had a very dynamic but small team. Between 2017 and 2018 we have dimensioned the Managers’ team according to the future project demand and to the unit’s growth perspective, focusing in strategic sectors.

With regard to the business, we are focusing our efforts on making the IT division grow. In addition, we have started working with big clients who, in the future, might diversify a lot BETWEEN’s business. Now it’s time to successfully execute the projects and to keep on making the relationships with our partners grow.

Entrevista Joan Ramoneda

Joan Ramoneda, Barcelona’s Business Unit Director.


  • What can BETWEEN offer to the engineering and IT technological market in Barcelona, a city that is becoming a technological hub?

We contribute with talent and customised solutions with a fast-time response. Technology is moving forward at an extremely fast pace, and that’s why it is essential to have a practically immediate adaptation and response capacity.

The talent search is more difficult every day and the demand of technological profiles in Barcelona is very high. In this aspect, we have focused on offering working conditions which adapt to the new generations entering the labour market. To all this we need to add our great flexibility and the capacity to execute projects from other BETWEEN sites from around the world.



  • And what about catalonia’s/Levante’s area in general? 

We offer work teams that are highly qualified and prepared for accompanying all the industrial fabric in the development of technological projects. It is important to bear in mind that we adapt to the industrial idiosyncrasy of the area in which we operate. In this sense, we want to enrich the economy of the communities, always considering the kind of industrial fabric of the area in which we operate.



  • What are the differences between BETWEEN and the rest of players within this market? 

We try to be a proximity company for our clients by gaining their trust through a personalised attention and by adapting our services to each of their needs and offering very fast response times. We also need to add the fact that we have a team of more than 400 technicians with an amazing contribution in the Engineering and IT world, and that we count on the transversal support of our two LABS (IT Solutions and Engineering LAB) with development and manufacturing capacities.



  • What are the plans for Catalonia’s/Levante’s BU during 2019?

Our aim is to keep on increasing our presence in potential clients and to try to replicate success models already implemented in the area of Catalonia in order to grow too in the Levante area, after opening the new office in Valencia.

On the other hand, we are facing the great project of reducing employee rotation to the minimum by implementing working flexibility policies and carrying out a very dynamic follow-up of all the consultants working at clients’ premises by means of our team of Service Managers, recently enlarged. If we achieve all these goals, Barcelona’s BU could experience a very positive growth rate in 2019.