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Second Digital Encounter with special guests for talking about professional growth at BETWEEN

Continuing with one of our values, transparency, at BETWEEN we have completed the second Digital Encounter of the year, after the success and the good acceptance of the first one in February. On this occasion, betweeners, through an online streaming meeting, have had the chance to ask questions about growth possibilities, which has been the subject of the whole c. In addition, this time we’ve counted on the contribution of two special guests:

  • Lucía Valenzuela, Talent Development Specialist
  • Esther Martínez, People Manager


Below, you will find the opinion of some of the attendees on this second Digital Encounter.


Betweeners’ testimonials


Álex Segura

Digital encounters are becoming a great tool for bringing closer the management to any of BETWEEN’s employees, especially to those who work away from the headquarters and do not get the chance to run across management members. With regard to questions and answers, I think it is a very good idea that they are prepared ahead of time so that attendees get an informative bonus. During the last BETWEEN events (Summer & Christmas dinners), managers’ speeches have become more easy-going, so, if you’re a curious person, you might be lacking a bit of information on the company’s development. These encounters can respond to these concerns. On the contrary, I miss having the possibility of a bidirectional voice conversation (not through a chat box on behalf of the employee), so that this approach is more effective. Despite this, I think that it is a great way to start forging a good path so that digital encounters are every time more effective and have more attendees.


Lucía Valenzuela

Without a doubt, I think that it is a good opportunity so that all betweeners can get closer to the general management and put new proposals on the table that in the end make BETWEEN keep improving day after day. It is a good option for creating a communication space open to all, and for opening up among each other as well.


Esther Martínez

From the point of view of the People Department, these encounters and a high number of attendees are very valuable, since getting to know and tackling the main concerns of betweeners is essential to keep on improving and working in projects aimed at their development and well-being.




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