At BETWEEN we want to encourage a healthy environment where to promote teamwork, effort and cooperation values. In our last team building event at the Templum gym, a group of brave betweeners learned, thanks to experts, how to overcome several obstacles. But, why did we choose this team building activity? Because next May 27th we will be sponsoring in Castellolí the first edition of the BLACK MAMBA RACE, an obstacle race created by one of our betweeners, David Carmona. At BETWEEN we support our professionals’ initiatives.


Physical Training before the race


Climbing a rope, scaling a wall, hanging from a bar and moving forward, carrying heavy water drums, etc. have been some of the team building activities the attendees have carried out, and that have served as physical training before the race that will be taking place by the end of May. Would you like to see how our intrepid betweeners got on? You’ll find it in this video! Press PLAY!




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