We have got to the third event of the BETWEEN Rally, and this time the chosen location for the 9th edition of the Boucle du Vallespir Rousillon at Le Bolou has been the south of France. This is a special event, since it is the only two-day Rally of the season.

On this occasion, the mechanics of the Golf GTI MKII have behaved perfectly after the repairs and the appropriate maintenance after the incident previous to the Rally dels Volcans. Xavier Téllez and his teammate left very early towards Le Bolou for carrying out the technical and administrative verifications and the appropriate calibrations. It was right at this last point where they made a beginner’s mistake and didn’t measure the references correctly, what obliged them to calibrate during the first stretch, having to deal with the situation under pressure.

Despite this first incident, they performed very well during the first five stretches. However, there was a surprise during the sixth one, when they found a SEAT Panda blocking the road. That wasn’t all, because the driver got off the vehicle to talk to them about the aggressive behaviour of other competition colleagues, which made them get penalised. We must bear in mind that races take place in open roads. “After this episode, all our options had faded away”, says Téllez. Even so, they kept on with their good attitude and they surmounted positions thanks to the regularity they had achieved in the previous stretches. They ended up in the fourteenth position of the Young Time category, and they went back home with a fond memory of the great route and the amazing views to the Canigó’s summit during most of the Rally’s itinerary.


A top-of-the-range participation


At a global level, it was a weekend with a top-of-the-range participation in which the leading teams of the Cup were present too. José Manuel López and Gerard Ferrer, with a VW Scirocco in the classics category, won their second rally of the season. Lluís Palli and Guillem Buscarons, with a Mini Cooper, ended up in the second position, being the first among the historic cars. Juan Pedro García and Sergi Giralt completed the podium with an Autobianchi A112 and ended up in the first position of the Youngtimers’ category.

The BETWEEN Rally will be on holidays during the summer season, but we’ll be back for more adventures in September. Would you like to learn more about the complete story of the BETWEEN Rally? Find out what happened in the first and second events!


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