Toni Roda, Global Product Manager – Press Automation Solutions at ABB tells us in this interview about his experience working with BETWEEN Technology’s Engineering LAB in one of their most important products. Specifically, in the robotization section of automotive sheet-stamping lines, shifting from its production in aluminium to carbon fibre.


  • How did you learn about BETWEEN’s Engineering LAB?

About 10 years ago we worked together with Solid Engineering in the development of the previous model of Linax. The success of the resulting product, the IRB7600FX, created a new part in the automation of stamping lines by means of 7-shaft robots. Not long ago, when we decided to review and improve the project, BETWEEN came up as a natural candidate for this project.


  • Why did you choose us for this project?

Of the different options we considered, we opted for BETWEEN mainly due to its swiftness and flexibility when it comes to suggesting solutions. In this case, the experience and the technical capacity of the Engineering LAB’s team were key factors. In our projects we always try to team up with the people involved, both from ABB resources, as well as from collaborating companies. Heterogeneous teams allow us to optimise development processes and learn from the contributions made by the different collaborators. When there’s understanding in the team, we always achieve our goals.


  • Have we fulfilled all your expectations?

    Toni Roda, Global Product Manager - Press Automation Solutions at ABB

    Toni Roda, Global Product Manager – Press Automation Solutions at ABB

We foresee that our collaboration will be long, not only in this project, but in others too. All our expectations have been fulfilled, what will allow us to pose BETWEEN new challenges.


  • What would you outline as the most characteristic trait of our way of working?

Technical rigour and flexibility.


  • How do you value the final result?

It’s still too early to value the final result. Until now, the experience has been very positive.


  • If you had to recommend our services to other possible clients, what would you outline?

I would outline the quality level that ABB shares with the Engineering LAB, and the “customer first” approach.