Mantente al día de las últimas noticias de BETWEEN Technology, conoce las novedades antes que nadie y mantente alerta ante el mercado laboral tecnológico. Somos una empresa activa tanto interna como externamente, involucrada y concienciada con las necesidades de nuestros clientes y trabajadores.

Who is who in BETWEEN’s Labor Department?

In BETWEEN we believe in people above all. We humans have our own personality, we empathize with our colleagues and, very importantly, we have a face that identifies us. Knowing the face of the person we’re talking to helps us experience an easier and more pleasant communication. Thus, we thought it was appropriate to make a brief presentation of who is who in the Labor Department of BETWEEN Technology.

Have you just joined the company and have doubts about your contract? Have you been working with us for a while and want to join the Flexible Payment Plan? Or do you just want to ask something about your last salary? Whatever your work concern is, there are three people who can help you today. Let’s meet them!

Montse MonteroMontse Montero

If you are a Betweener who has come from other country, one of the first tasks that Montse has probably done for you is processing your work visa. This is one of the multiple tasks she takes care of. She is also responsible for registering and unregistering with Social Security, making payments and contracts, starting your benefits inside the Flexible Payment Plan and, in general, managing and resolving all work-related doubts in our company. She seems like a versatile woman, doesn’t she? She certainly is! Although she counts on the help of two wonderful assistants…

Elisabet Soler

Elisabet Soler departamento laboral de BetweenAre you familiar with the term workplace risk prevention, so frequently used these last years? Elisabet is the expert and person responsible for risk prevention in BETWEEN and we can assure you that her role involves a great deal of tasks… She manages information and training related to this field, the medical examinations the company provides and, logically, the individual protection related to this matter in the event that a Betweener need it.

We try not to give Elisabet too much work, since she is the one who prevents, but also monitors and controls, work-related accidents in the company (and we do not want injured Betweeners!). When there are no accidents, Elisabet has another role we all love: managing our holidays through the YOU platform.

Clara Socias

Clara Socias departamento laboral de BetweenClara is the person responsible for officially turning lots of applicants into Betweeners. She hires new workers, providing consultants with all the documentation they need to manage and submit, and she also monitors the signature processes during hiring.

Your relationship with Clara as a Betweener does not usually end here. She also takes care of medical leaves, absenteeism, she manages the payments and flexible payments of Betweeners. But she can do even more during her workday. Can you believe it? In addition to these tasks,Clara is the person who provides answers to all the numerous work-related questions that come to her department.



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