Oscar Serret, CEO of BETWEEN, has written an opinion article for El Español, “In mid-2016, and purely by chance, I found out about the market capitalization of Apple, which at that time reached a whopping 450,000 million euros. I was stunned. To put this data in context, the Spanish GDP in 2016 was 1.1 billion euros and, in that same period, the value of Apple accounted for 40% of the Spanish GDP“.

Not bad at all, I thought, who had a company like that! My surprise and my desire remained there, I forgot about Apple and life went on accidentally until it took us to 2022. Earlier this year, I don’t know if out of curiosity or melancholy, I checked the figure again, and surprise! nothing more and nothing less than up to 2.6 billion euros. If the previous amount surprised me, this time it widened my eyes. And to understand why, it is enough to make some comparisons that allow us to put it in perspective.

Just to begin with, in the same period, Spain’s wealth grew by 9%, while Apple grew by 570%. Apple currently directly employs 154,000 people, generally in value-added segments and, therefore, with high salaries. But what is most impressive to me is that if, suddenly, the 47 million Spaniards agreed and wanted to buy Apple, we would have to work for 2 years and 2 months without spending a single euro on a sad coffee to be able to versus acquisition.

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