We have implemented a FLEXIBLE REMUNERATION plan in BETWEEN

Now Betweeners can customize the payment of their salary per their individual situation. They can obtain benefit from tax advantages by contracting a series of services (Restaurant Ticket Card, Medical Insurance…).

With the same gross salary, they pay less personal income tax and have a higher net salary available every month.

What is flexible remuneration?

It is a pay system that allows workers to distribute their salary reception:

  • • A part of the salary in CASH
  • • Another part in PRODUCTS AND SERVICES qoffered by the company

How does it work?

  1. The employee chooses the products/services he/her wants to purchase, usually products that are being already paid with their net salary.
  2. The company pays the services purchased by the employee.
  3. The employee enjoys the services acquired, based on his/her personal/family needs, whereas the income availability increases at the same time.

What products have tax advantages?

  • Medical Insurance. You can benefit from the special BETWEEN fee of 41.75 €/month.
  • Ticket Restaurant Card. You can obtain 9€ per any working day (180€ per month).
  • Transport Card. Pay your public transport and AVE tickets/vouchers. Up to 1500€ per year.
  • Ticket Nursery School Pay the monthly fee of your children nursery school (0 to 3 years old). No limits.

At Between we have implemented this Flexible Remuneration plan . Those who wish to join the plan can do so from 1st to 10th of each month*, taking effect this variant of wage payment from the following month of the activation.

*All Betweeners have access to the plan from their sixth month of service.

We have made several informative sessions to treat this issue straightaway, here you have the video of one of them so you can access the full information.


  1. How can I benefit from the flexible retribution plan?

    All the Betweeners have access to the flexible compensation plan from their sixth month of seniority in the company. In your sixth birthday, we will give you the access to the EDENRED platform so you can simulate your flexible payment plan and ask for the products that fit your needs.

  2. What are the advantages of the flexible retribution plan?
    • • Take advantage of tax benefits according the IRPF tax.
    • • Purchase products/services, currently paid from your net retribution. Now become paid from your gross salary.
    • • Allow the employee to allocate part of their gross salary to purchases goods/services needed.
    • • Each employee decides how wants to be paid.
    • • Take advantage of economies of scale in purchasing products.
    • • When an entity purchases as a group gets better prices than individual purchases.
  3. What does BETWEEN obtain with the flexible retribution plan?
    • • Retains talent by the adaptation to Betweeners’ personal needs.
    • • Improves the BETWEEN employer brand, betting on a valued and recognized system and highlighting against the competition.
    • • Increases productivity thanks to the Betweeners’ extra motivation.
    • • Increases the Betweeners’ purchasing power providing them several benefits.
    • • Becomes a GREAT PLACE TO WORK, following our improvement policy.
  4. Does my salary vary?

    The salary of the employee is the same as before the flexible remuneration activation, total salary NOT CHANGES. You decide which part you want to charge in cash and which part you want to charge for services.

  5. Is there a “limit” amount of my salary that I can make flexible?

    The maximum determined by the Workers’ Statute, as a legal compensation in kind, is 30% of the total remuneration.

  6. Do I still contribute to Social Security?

    The salary that has been made flexible continues being quoted to Social Security. The saving occurs in the part destined to the products of flexible remuneration, that don’t tax the Personal Income that you usually pay to Treasury.

  7. How I must inform Treasury in my annual tax return?

    You will do nothing different from the years before. BETWEEN will provide you with the Withholding Certificate that contains the information that you have to communicate on your income tax return.

  8. Do I have to modify my contract?

    The worker who is interested in the flexible retribution plan must always sign a contract novation, by which the employee expresses his willingness to change his remuneration model. It is a document in which it communicates officially, and in writing, without the need to modify the current contract in fact.

  9. Where can I use the Ticket Restaurant Card?

    In all establishments that have POS terminals (basically bars and restaurants) We have chosen a card mode that allows to pay in all establishments, without having to be attached to the EDENRED network. The card works as a Mastercard.

  10. Do I lose the money I do not spend in a month?

    In both the Ticket Restaurant Card and the Transport Card, the balance is cumulative, not lost.

  11. Can I pay airline tickets with the Transport Card?

    With the Transport Card, you can pay titles and passes of any public transport (bus, metro, train, tram…) including the AVE. However, it is not possible to pay air tickets.

  12. What happens in case of lost or stolen cards?

    The cards can be replaced. The cost of the replacement is 5€/card, which will be borne by the worker.

  13. Who can enroll the mutual insurance company?

    All the Betweeners and their direct relatives (couple and children).

  14. What includes the Medical Insurance?

    If you are interested, we will send you information about the policy via e-mail.

  15. What is the insurance medical directory?

    You can check it here: https://www.segurcaixaadeslas.es/es/seguros-medicos/cuadro-medico#mapBookMark

  16. If I am already a mutualist, is my age of a client maintained?

    Yes, your years as a client are maintained if you come from another mutual insurance company. You will not have gaps in coverage, with one only exception, for childbirth (10 months).

  17. Are there any gaps in coverage?

    If we manage to be more than 50 BETWEENERS registered within the Medical Insurance, we will have no gaps, nor preexistences. Come on! The more we are, the better conditions we will get.

  18. What if I end the contract with BETWEEN?

    ISALUD manages our collective medical insurance, they will negotiate with each former Betweener the conditions to continue enjoying the mutual, if you wish. There is no commitment of continuity at all.

  19. Has the inscription to the medical insurance permanency?

    The permanency is 1 yearlong minimum.

  20. Is there any fee option that includes refund service?

    Of course, if you are interested in this option, the fee is 64.26 €/month. Ask us: retribucionflexible@between.tech

  21. What if I have more questions?

    If your questions are related to the Mutual Insurance Company, you can also contact ISALUD, the company that manages our corporate account. This is your contact phone: +34 902 88 86 68.

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