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30000 – 36000 Bruto/año

BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY is a multinational consulting firm that has advanced technological capabilities in the field of engineering and IT. Our services reach all continents and cover various fields of the world economy, industry and service companies.

BETWEEN currently has a team of 400 people working in the fields of automotive, aerospace, railway, Oil & Gas, retail, world of sports, education, etc.

Currently we select a specialist in HW and mechanical quality and validations for the role of “Design Quality Engineer” to work in one of our major clients.

¿Are you interested in vision systems and automotive displays?

This is your project!!!



– Lead product FMEA’s and related quality tools implementation during the development phases of the product.

– Ensure together with the Product Engineer Leads (Mech/HW) and the fulfillment of product quality requirements established with the Customer, internal quality standards, the International Norms and Standards, European Directives and/or other countries where the product will be used.

– Lead the Homologation activities with official entity to get the homologation of the product with the support of Homologations Master.

– Manage effectively the product modifications during the development and support on the generation of all Mech/HW documents.

– Assure the traceability of all defined Special Characteristics along all the main documents of the Product (FMEA, drawings, PCB layout…).

– Participate in the design reviews.

– Assure that all the documents are stored on the corresponding repositories defined by the client like FDS Database, SVN repository, Doors, etc.

– Define the control plan, design control gauges and take part in the control systems and tools definition and their validation.

– Ensure that the prototypes delivery meets Customer requirements (Mechanical features / HW features / SW features).

– Support Testing department on the Functional Parametric Test Bench definition (based on system requirements to be validated), and the different Test set-ups required for the different Testing depratments (Reliability Tets, EE&EMC).

– Define & manage Design Validation Plan (DVP) and Product Validation Tests (PVT) belonging to Env Tests and EE/EMC Tests, together with each Testing depratment responsible.

– Coordinate the samples delivery and activities follow up between the different Testing departments (Env. / EE&EMC).

– Analyze DVP & PVT results and participate on finding the necessary technical countermeasures solutions together with the Product Design Engineer Leads ((Mech/HW).

– Work with quality manufacturing teams in the products industrialization.

– Support the competitiveness of the business unit improving costs, quality and product performance, adopting new technical solutions coming from competitors’ analysis and benchmark.

– Propose Technical Lessons Learned (industrialization phase).

– Deal with the client engineering for an effective products development.


We offer:

– Ability to work in a leading company in its sector, growing nationally and internationally, where you can participate in different projects that allow you to continue your professional growing.

– Join a young high performance specialized team.

– Projects in line with your career goals.

– Ambitious training plan.

– Flexible remuneration plan: Pay system that allows workers to distribute their salary reception: A part of the salary in CASH. Another part in PRODUCTS AND SERVICES (medical insurance, restaurant card, transport card, ticket nursery school).



– Diploma/Master in engineering.

– Experience with FMEA.

– Knowledge of internal quality standards, the International Norms and Standards, European Directives and/or other countries standards.

– Fluent in English (German knowledge is a plus).

– Work experience in automotive is a plus.

– Structured and team oriented work.

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