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Barcelona (España)


Internet y tecnología




36000 – 46000 Bruto/año


You’ll be involved in the entire platform stack, which is a distributed system composed of dozens of modules, written mostly in Java 7, using frameworks such as SprintBoots, Angular, hibernate, Apache Tomcat…. You’ll also develop high-quality code for our existing and new software products, with high availability and scalability standards, frequent releases thanks to CI and automated deployment.


In BETWEEN we bet on the best talent in the technology sector. We have a Specialized Selection unit in IT profiles to join the staff of our clients. The contract is direct with our customer. We work with a wide range of companies, which will allow us to find the position that best suits your needs and professional interests. We can offer you projects in the areas of development and infrastructures, ranging from the field of Cloud Computing to Big Data, R & D and BI


Your day-to-day will consist of:

  • Developing new components of a micro-service oriented architecture in HA.
  • Working with the newest technologies and languages such as functional-style Java 8.
  • Identifying and communicating improvements that increase performance, scalability and software quality.
  • Delivering tested quality software after every 2-week sprint, using Scrum methodology.
  • Work in own product development and internal improvement.


What we expect from you:

  • Computer Science degree or similar.
  • Strong background in Java (5+ years of experience with web-based applications).
    • Spring, Spring Security, SprintBoot
    • Hibernate
  • Knowledge of software best practices like TDD, refactoring, clean code and DDD.
  • Knowledge of a SQL or any relational database.
  • Team-player: you are open to ego-free discussions.
  • Automation-lover: you hate wasting your time in repetitive tasks, and trust Jenkins to do them for you.
  • Scout’s Honour mindset: always leave the code cleaner than you found it.



  • Basic Crypto knowledge.
  • Knowledge of openssl.
  • Experience working with HSMs (Extra points).

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