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Barcelona (España)


Ingeniería y automoción




33000 – 44000 Bruto/año


In BETWEEN we bet on the best talent in Engineering sector. We have a specialized Recruitment Unit in Engineering profiles to join the staff of our clients. We work with a wide range of companies, which allow us to find the position that best suits your needs and professional interests. You can join the most innovative companies, offer leading projects within the branches of R & D, automotive, pharma, machine design, product development, etc.



• Sourcing strategy for the related parts/technologies to meet entire Product Life Cycle needs.
• Build market technology and cost intelligence for elastomers and plastic related technolgies to influence early design decisions to get the most efficient supply chain for new products (dfx).
• Ensure the technical deliverables are met, including parts/subassemblies specs clarification, manufacturing processes, tooling, Quality Control Plan, assurance of supply, prototypes for builds, metrology.
• Project Manager for assigned Procurement processes or projects, leading their implementation within the organization.




• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering or related technical discipline.
• Minimum 5 years of experience in complex Projects Management, as Procurement, Materials, Manufacturing, R&D Engineer, or equivalent.
• Experience in Mechanical manufacturing processes including: elastomers and plastic related technologies such as plastic injection, rotomolding and blowmolding.
• Fluent in English. Availability to travel.
• Solid Technical and Business skills: Strong technology knowhow and market intelligence (intuition, inquisitiveness, strategic vision).
• Project Management skills: Able to deploy cross-organizational implementation plans thru partners, timely track progress, identify deviations and proactively take corrective actions. Strong leadership, able to effectively sell own ideas, and to influence others to buy-in and follow them without having direct control. Good team leader.
• Strong negotiation skills
• Strong Team Building and teamwork: Able to build rapport with partners so that new ideas can be accepted smoothly; and to give/receive open and honest feedback in a positive attitude.
• Excellent Presentation and Communication skills: Able to integrate different organizations by actively listening to all parties to make internal tradeoff decisions and to ensure consistency in front of the partners. Clear presentations, going directly to the point and transmitting high level of confidence.

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