We provide our clients with fieldwork and constant support on a daily basis. Outsourcing is subcontracting a third party company to cover one or more functional areas of the outsourcing company.

We, at Between, support engineering, R+D, operations, purchasing, and IT departments. Our team of consultants are divided by specialty in order to achieve our set goals and improve our client structures.

Outsourcing Benefits

Better Service Coverage
Better service coverage
Transformation Of Fixed And Variable Costs
Transformation of fixed and variable costs
Elimination Of Hidden Costs
Elimination of hidden costs

Advantages when working with BETWEEN

Better Technicians

We provide the best technological profile to fit our client specific needs and corporate culture …

Ongoing Service

We offer replacement technicians to cover shortage of staff and vacations.

Better Performance

We get the best out of our technicians by monthly follow-ups and personal interviews twice a year to evaluate their performance.

Satisfied Clients

We have ongoing follow-ups on service performance through monthly visits and regular service value surveys.

We will only invoice you for the hours worked. There is no charge if our technicians are ill or on vacation.

Honesty is one of our main values, and this is why you will get what you asked for. We, at BETWEEN, do not force the implementation of “unproductive” resources if they do not fit our client’s needs. Also, we do not offer junior profiles at senior rates.

We, at BETWEEN, know that a technological team manager must be a good technician, but who usually lacks proper people-managing training. We will provide the training and assist in improving team performance.