IT Outsourcing is outsourcing IT services to an outside company that will be responsible for the management and optimization of the entire IT department or some of its areas, projects or tasks.


On site Technicians

The solution for businesses that need to incorporate technicians externally in their IT department: we offer the best technicians in record time.

Do you have new projects?Do you need some reinforcement in your IT team?Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to provide the best profiles.

Available Profiles

  • Help Desk and Field Technicians.
  • Systems Administrators.
  • Specialists in networking, communications and security.
  • Database Managers.
  • Web Administrators.
  • Programmers and Program analysts.
  • SAP Consultants and programmers.


Flexible Incorporation

If you want to incorporate a computer professional in your staff, but currently the HR policy of your company does not allow it or you prefer to be sure that you have the right candidate, our flexible incorporation service is your solution:

Custom Selection
On site Service

In this way you get more time for evaluation and more flexibility, getting:

  • Selecting the profile that is most suitable to their needs to ensure the integration of the technician in your company.
  • We will offer this candidate as an on site service, i.e. as a flexible external resource.
  • When incorporation to your staff is allowed, or eligibility is already ensured, you can decide whether to incorporate our technician to your staff or if you want to continue with the technician as an external resource.


First Level Help Desk

The additional First Level Help Desk  service will allow for centralizing and optimizing reception and escalation of incidents and service requests for your organization remotely.

Our agents will handle your incidents and service requests by applying ITIL methodology or they will be resolved in the first instance or escalated to second level agents in your organization.

Our First Level Help desk service  includes:

Coverage time according to your needs. Emergency Service for weekends and public holidays. Customer Service in Spanish, Catalan and English. Reception of incidents and requests via:

  • 24 hour Self-service portal.
  • Phone Call.
  • E-mail.

ITSM management tool that allows you to integrate:

  • The structure of your organization: employees, locations, departments, etc.
  • Catalogs of incidents and service requests.
  • Assets and CMDB.
  • Second Level Agents of your organization.

Remote Assistance tool for the user’s PC.

Monthly Report of the service.