We are experts in selecting prospects with a strong local and international technological background. Some of our clients are ICT and industrial companies located in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and other countries of the EU.

Since we specialize in the technology field, we are able to cover specific needs: TechRecruiting and TechHunting. We can also train your project coordinators or managers in hunting and recruiting personnel.

Experts in the Technology Field

We classify prospects by specialty, knowledge, experience, and salary range.

More than 10,000 prospects in 80 different technologies

Our DB has over 10,000 prospects, all technology-oriented, and over 80 different technology exams for a quick and efficient screening and selection.

We have the Best Prospects

We provide the prospects that best meet our clients’ needs and corporate culture.

Multidisciplinary team to evaluate prospects

We have a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, consultants, and technicians to evaluate prospects’ knowledge, qualifications and attitude.

Ongoing Feedback throughout the Process

We provide our clients with weekly updates on their selection process.

We provide our clients with weekly updates.

We communicate with our clients by email or phone to report the amount and quality of prospect applications received and prospects found, as well as the interview progress. This allows us to identify issues and take the necessary measures to correct them.

Recruitment Areas

Application Development

  • Analysts and Programmers.
  • Software Architects.
  • QA Technicians.

IT Infrastructures.

  • System Administrators.
  • User Support/Help Desk.
  • DB Administrators.
  • SAP/ERP Consultants.


  • Embedded Software.
  • Firmware Engineers.
  • Networks & Communications.

Web/Online Marketing

  • SEO/SEM Positioning.
  • Content Management.
  • Design/Layout.
  • Community Manager

 Industrial Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineers.
  • Structural Calculation Engineers.
  • Industrial Organization.
  • Process Engineering.


  • Power Electronics.
  • Hardware Development.
  • Digital Electronics.
  • Technical Office.

Business Technicians

  • Technology Industry Business Technicians.