Technology-oriented prospect search: we look for them, find them, recruit them, and evaluate them. Experience has taught us that there are prospects that cannot be found through a selection process, but require a detailed and specific search by target industry and technology:#TechHunting.

BETWEEN Tech Hunting services include:


Who do we look for and where?:

Prospect analysis and search strategy. We analyze prospects according to the experience wanted and the possible positions they might have in companies.


We find prospects

Our specialists know where to find them: specialists locate them. Our specialists are the best in finding prospects on the most popular professional social networks. ADICIONA has a large internal database with information on technology-oriented prospects and it has access to some of the most important technology recruitment databases in the world.


We recruit prospects

We know how to get prospects’ attention and consider our proposals. Our reputation and professionalism is how we gain the prospects’ trust.


We evaluate prospects

We make sure prospects have the required knowledge, experience, and skills.

How do we do it?

We, at BETWEEN, not only select prospects. We are also a technology company that covers many different technical areas, and provides technical prospect tests for a wide range of industries. Our HR consultants develop personality and skill tests as part of our prospect evaluation.


We submit prospects’ information

All prospect information includes a resume, technical evaluation detailing experience and technical test results, as well as an individual evaluation.