Computer Services,  Multimedia and 2.0 – services and solutions for the Computer and Communication departments

proyectos TIC

ICT Projects

Installation, parameters setting and upgrading of infrastructure in different computing platforms and development of applications with different technologies.

  • Infraestructure: Windows, Linux, Exchange servers, content filter, proxies, Firewalls, Moodle Systems ERP systems …
  • Applications: Virtual stores, electronic magazines or any application to measure for your business in .Net, php, java, etc.

Social Media

Content Marketing, Identity 2.0 , Community Management, specialists in WordPress, Corporate blogs, etc.

Content Marketing is creating (and distributing) content that is of interest to the audience of a company and BETWEEN offers the following services to achieve this:

  • Posts Creation of high quality related to your industry, optimized for SEO.
  • Training of possible authors within your company. It is no problem if you want to manage the blog internally, we teach you how to do it in the best possible way!
  • Community management services.Dynamization of generated content, conversations with your community in social media networks, etc.
  • Consulting and implementation of a Social Media plan for your company. Is your company on social media networks? We’ll help you to start off! We tell you what are the most important social media networks according to your target audience, we establish an editorial calendar (indicating when to publish, where and what type of content) and we teach you to understand the metrics needed to measure your activities in Social Media.

Digital Content

Recording, editing and production services of e-conferences and e-masterclasses. Why publish digitally? Digital content allows a greater dissemination of your products and / or services, making them accessible at any time and by facilitating understanding of them.

Our e-conferences and e-masterclasses include:

  • Video recording of the session (optional if the client has the means of recording) recording of projected images (PowerPoint, videos, external links, etc)
  • Video Summary
  • Full Video
  • Production with timing of the slides or images

Multimedia Video

Creation and production of any type of audiovisual content.

Possibilities / Resources

  • Production/ post production rooms.
  • Mobile recording equipment.
  • File Images.
  • Actors and voice overs.


  • Institutional or corporate promotion.
  • Digital content for mobile devices.
  • Advertisements.
  • Industrial and product videos.
  • Logos with animation.