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We are a dynamic and innovative company that believes in the potential of the people, and we have a strong commitment to serving our customers.

We are looking for the best way to meet the needs of our customers by offering our workers the best career through outsourcing and technological solutions and services. We are experts in Engineering and IT.

Between Top Services for Top Customers. Outsourcing and Recruiting Services

We are a multinational consulting firm that offers its added value Engineering and Information Technology capabilities and knowledge to a wide range of advanced organizations.

Our services reach every continent and cover several sectors in the global economy, from Industrial to service companies.

For candidates

BETWEEN is the people that make it up. Become a part if you have skills and you are looking for new challenges in a very dynamic environment!

For companies

We want to provide value to the company through our business network.If you are a company seeking support in the engineering and IT, you are in the right place.


Between Top Services for Top Customers. Outsourcing and Recruiting Services



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We provide our clients with fieldwork and constant support on a daily basis. Outsourcing is subcontracting a third party company to cover one or more functional areas of the outsourcing company. We, at Between, support engineering, R+D, operations, purchasing, and IT departments. Our team of consultants are divided by specialty in order to achieve our set goals and improve our client structures.
  • IT
    • The solution for businesses that require external services for their it department.
  • Engineering
    • To support R&D departments and engineering for product development and machinery such as for facilities.
  • Operations
    • We support purchasing, supply chain, logistics, quality, and process departments.

Advantages when working with BETWEEN

Better Technicians

We provide the best technological profile to fit our client specific needs and corporate culture …

Ongoing Service

We offer replacement technicians to cover shortage of staff and vacations.

Better Performance

We get the best out of our technicians by monthly follow-ups and personal interviews twice a year to evaluate their performance.

Satisfied Clients

We have ongoing follow-ups on service performance through monthly visits and regular service value surveys.We will only invoice you for the hours worked. There is no charge if our technicians are ill or on vacation.Honesty is one of our main values, and this is why you will get what you asked for. We, at BETWEEN, do not force the implementation of “unproductive” resources if they do not fit our client’s needs. Also, we do not offer junior profiles at senior rates.We, at BETWEEN, know that a technological team manager must be a good technician, but who usually lacks proper people-managing training. We will provide the training and assist in improving team performance.BETWEEN is a technology consultancy firm that is built on the concept of having a significant back office capacity, which can be adapted to the needs of customers.From our offices, we offer technical services according to the needs of each client with the option of “turnkey projects”.We are experts in selecting prospects with a strong local and international technological background. Some of our clients are ICT and industrial companies located in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and other countries of the EU.Since we specialize in the technology field, we are able to cover specific needs: TechRecruiting and TechHunting. We can also train your project coordinators or managers in hunting and recruiting personnel.

Experts in the Technology Field

We classify prospects by specialty, knowledge, experience, and salary range.
More than 10,000 prospects in 80 different technologies
Our DB has over 10,000 prospects, all technology-oriented, and over 80 different technology exams for a quick and efficient screening and selection.

We have the Best Prospects

We provide the prospects that best meet our clients’ needs and corporate culture.
Multidisciplinary team to evaluate prospects
We have a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, consultants, and technicians to evaluate prospects’ knowledge, qualifications and attitude.

Ongoing Feedback throughout the Process

We provide our clients with weekly updates on their selection process.
We provide our clients with weekly updates.
We communicate with our clients by email or phone to report the amount and quality of prospect applications received and prospects found, as well as the interview progress. This allows us to identify issues and take the necessary measures to correct them.Are you an IT specialist, or an industrial, telecom, electronic engineer….? This page will lead you to your ideal tech job. All applications submitted will be considered for both direct contracts and Recruiting Services.

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