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Many consulting agencies attract talent, but few win their loyalty.

At BETWEEN, you will find a person-centric environment and be treated the way you deserve.

Be a part of projects that stimulate you!

BETWEEN is made up of people. This is why at BETWEEN, people are our most important resource.

Our teams and our clients are the ones who have made it possible for us to come this far and reach the objectives and goals summed up in the figures below.


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We put our knowledge of the industry and our capacity to innovate at your disposal

We aim to become the leader in the Spanish technology consulting market through the talent and commitment of the persons who make up our firm, standing out for our high quality services and ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ needs. With a staff of over 350 people, and a presence in Spain, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Singapore, China and Malaysia, our main service areas are consulting, outsourcing, and technological solutions, in the fields of engineering and information technology, as well as in the specialized recruitment of professional talent.


Whatever your technological need, we have the solution.

Technological Solutions

At our BETWEEN technical offices we offer a variety of services based on the needs of each client, as well as the option of developing turnkey projects. We dispose of significant back office capacity that is tailored to our clients’ needs.  +info

Outsourcing and Consulting

Our BETWEEN Outsourcing service seamlessly integrates into our clients’ organizational structures to support their day-to-day activities. We bolster and support engineering, R&D, operations, procurement, and IT departments. Our team of consultants is divided into areas of specialization in order to best reach established objectives and help our clients optimize their organizational structures. +info

Expert Talent Recruitment

We aim to be our clients’ HR partner. Thanks to our expert resources and our experience as a leading company in the technology sector, we are able to find the best candidates in terms of both technical know-how and soft skills, and who fit best into your company’s culture, within the shortest time possible. +info

Fútbol Club Barcelona

Head of IT Operations

“Working with BETWEEN has helped me take on technical infrastructure development projects for which I needed a partner I could truly rely on.”

Hewlett Packard

GSS WW Delivery

“BETWEEN is a key partner in helping HP build up its internal mobility solutions ecosystem. BETWEEN is a best-in-class HP partner for outsourcing application support services.”

Exipple Studio - Gestoos


”The talented individuals we look for are true “rare birds”. Despite this, BETWEEN has presented us with candidates who are very well aligned with our needs, and is very well appraised of their skills and personalities.”

Meet our LABs

At BETWEEN’s technical offices, we design custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs, drawing on our extensive experience in the industry and our staff’s high level of commitment. Do you know our LABs?


Computing, development, support and multimedia services for your company.


We can take care of all the development tasks related to the lifecycle of your product.
BETWEEN 2017 head offices


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