Between Academy, the training program taught by Betweeners who are experts in their own subject, launched its first sessions with the course ‘Introduction to Simulation Tools Applied to Industry. Applications, Methodology and Best Practices’.

The course was divided into two sessions. The first one, ‘Introduction to CFD Fluid Dynamics Simulation’, was taught by Raúl Escartín; the second, ‘Structural Mechanics Simulation using FEM’, was taught by Guillem Cortés.

The two sessions, lasting three hours each, were held at Between Technology’s headquarters. The only requirement for attendance was a prior basic knowledge of mechanics (for the Structural program) or of fluids (for the CFD program) to ensure participants would get the maximum possible benefit from the training.

Both trainers work at Between LAB – Between Technology’s technical office – and are highly experienced calculation and simulation experts. Their high level of expertise allows them to advise Between Technology customers from a broad spectrum of industrial sectors including machine manufacturing, railways, aeronautics, etc.

The Human Resources Department, the driving force behind Between Academy, is satisfied with the result of the initial sessions and considers Betweeners’ perception of this initiative to be very positive, in light of the high levels of attendance at both programs.