About BETWEEN Technology

BETWEEN Technology is a multinational consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in offering comprehensive services and technological solutions. We have a double function, look for the best way to meet the expectations of our customers and offer our workers a professional career.

Our History

BETWEEN Technology is the result of the merger of SOLID Engineering and ADICIONA Servicios Informáticos.

SOLID was founded in 2000 by the industrial engineer Francesc Civit and evolved from the design of machinery and the automation of industrial processes to product design, giving service to the entire production cycle, from design to industrialization processes. As of 2007, the company incorporated consultancy and outsourcing services in various branches of engineering, so that at the time of the merger it had a team of more than 150 consultants with extensive experience in both Engineering and Operations and with a geographical presence. in several countries, especially in the Asian area.

ADICIONA founded in 2003 by Eli Abad, graduated in Physics from the University of Barcelona, ​​offered customized IT consulting services for medium and large companies. In the beginning, it developed an outgoing mail filter to automate compliance with the LSSI (Anti-Spam Law), but the lack of commercial success of the product made them concentrate on ICT outsourcing services. In 2007, they added technology profile selection services to their portfolio. At the time of the merger they had a team of more than 90 people.

In July 2015, joining forces to improve the day to day of our customers, BETWEEN Technology was born, adding the experience of both companies, which allows us to offer technological consulting services in the fields of mechanical and electronic engineering, IT and development of software, operations and continuous processes (chemical and petrochemical). Our goal is to lead the technological consulting market through our experience in the industry and the commitment of the staff of our company.

In November 2019, we became part of The Talent Club, the best group for representing international talent. Thanks to this, we became one of the member companies of this exclusive talent representation club.

The Talent Club is a group of entrepreneurs specialized in representing Talent, focusing on 4 main areas of high demand such as athletes, artists, engineers and managers. TTC undoubtedly provides the successful experience and the ethical complement that we need to continue advancing on the path that will lead us to be among the best.

Hand in hand with them, we will accelerate our international expansion and strengthen our leadership together with partners related to a modern vision in the category of Talent Representation.

In BETWEEN we have a double function, to find the best way to meet the expectations of our clients, offering our workers a professional career through outsourcing and technological solutions and services. Our different services reach all continents and cover various sectors of the global economy, from industrial to service companies.

Let’s write the next chapter of our story together.

Our Mission
Provide knowledge and optimal solutions to each client through talent and technology.
Our Vision
Lead the technological consulting market through talent and the involvement of the people that make up the organization, differentiating us by the quality and agility of adapting to the needs of our clients.
Our Values
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Meritocracy and equal opportunities
  • Teamwork
  • Orientation to people
  • Rigor
  • Proactivity
Our Quality and Environmental Policy
BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY offers a personalized service with a high degree of technical knowledge and innovative solutions for the development of projects in different branches of engineering, information technologies and associated operational areas.

Our mission is to help our clients accomplish success by giving support to their savoir-faire, sharing our knowledge and information and providing them with technological support to reach every project’s aim, always working with confidentiality and respect.

The indispensable grounds for reaching this objective are the company values that define us: professional vocation, desire to succeed, meritocracy, integrity, transparency and respect in the professional relationships with our clients, our suppliers, our organization members and other interested parties.

Key success factors for satisfying and exceeding our clients’ expectations, in order to gain their full loyalty, are:

  • Working operative based on perfectly defined processes that at the same time are sufficiently adaptative and flexible, in order to reach a high degree of agility.
  • Accurate planning of the projects and our consultancy services with the sufficient and necessary allocation of human and technological resources, in order to set coherent aims and provide the client with the optimal solutions in the required period fulfilling the specified requirements.
  • Control and thorough follow-up during our project and consultancy services development, establishing the appropriate periodic communication channels with the client, in order to project a strong image of professionality, seriousness and liability.
  • Select and evaluate periodically our suppliers with the same criteria that our clients use with us, in order to maintain a balanced workflow with a truly added value.

Key success factors for creating a highly motivated work team within our organization are:

  • Firm compromise for providing the best possible working conditions, creating and maintaining an ongoing climate of trust and respect.
  • Compromise for complying with the legal applicable requirements and for continually improving the performance of our quality and environmental managing system.
  • Compromise for the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of resources.
  • Selection of people with a strong professional vocation, reinforced by a programme of continuous training courses, specific for each of the areas.
  • Strengthen the initiative and the leading capacity of the whole professional team, reinforcing the concept that only through making mistakes, can one finally learn to be empowered and progress towards success.
  • Provide everyone with the necessary tools and resources to establish and facilitate communication channels that allow the creation of a compact and effective team.

It is the responsibility of all the people that make up BETWEEN, to the extent of our possibilities, to adopt and strengthen, throughout continuous improvement, the policy announced in this document, since its only purpose is to seek the maximum benefit for all those who work at BETWEEN, our clients and society in general.

All this has earned us ISO 9001, the 14001 and the ISO/IEC 27001 as a Management System.