Technological Solutions

Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that has characterized our company from the very beggining and combined with our extensive experience in providing technical office services, BETWEEN is a technology consulting firm with considerable back office capacity that can adjust to each client’s needs through our turnkey projects and offshore services, highly efficient processes and use of agile methodologies.

Engineering solutions

At our BETWEEN ENGINEERING LAB technical office, we can take on all of the development tasks related to your product’s lifecycle. We also offer remote support through our technical offices, as well as prototyping, testing and manufacturing workshops, for example, including FEM and CFD simulation, among others.

IT solutions

At our BETWEEN IT LAB technical office, we offer services and solutions for your IT and Communications departments. We are currently developing cloud solutions for industry and banking enterprise environments. We can handle everything from initial development to final integration with AWS or Azure. We also handle subsequent support and continuous improvement. In addition, we continue to offer classic services such as remote support and HelpDesks.