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Stay up to date with the latest news from BETWEEN Technology, learn about the latest happenings before anyone else, and keep in tune with the technology labor market. We are highly active both internally and externally, and attuned to and conscious of our clients’ and team members’ needs.

First working session with the DKV Intergalia Foundation

BETWEEN and the DKV Integralia Foundation met in July, where development ideas were valued for the new digitalization phase of the foundation. Javier de Oña, deputy director DKV Integralia, and Esther Martínez, manager of People at BETWEEN, led the meeting in which...

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First generation of the BETWEEN HERO ACADEMY

Antonio del Valle, first generation hero of the BETWEEN Hero Academy, shared his knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Office, in a very complete training course. “When I learned to programme, I would have appreciated having someone explain it to me in...

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The BETWEEN HERO ACADEMY opens it’s doors!

Today more than ever, having knowledge and using it means having power, more specifically, a SUPER power. Everyone has one hidden away and it's simply a matter of finding it. At BETWEEN, we want to contribute knowledge and what better way of doing so than by sharing...

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One more year supporting ETSEIB’s talent

BETWEEN believes in the talent and initiatives of young people, motivated to achieve their goals. On July 16, it signed an agreement where it commits to support both teams, providing financial resources for the construction of their projects. It's been  2 consecutive...

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4 women in the Between Java Challenge ‘s final

Last Wednesday June 26, the grand finale of the first  Between Java Challenge was held in Madrid.A challenge that is unprecedented in Spain and in which 500  Java programming lovers participated to gain the title of  “BETWEEN Java Champion of Spain”.The challenge took...

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People’s team keeps growing!

Since a few weeks ago, BETWEEN's People team has new teammates, which add to the strategic objective of management and people company loyalty. It's about the old Service Managers team, which in addition to the new location within the organization chart they now have a...

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