Outsourcing consists of subcontracting to an outside company all or part of a company’s functions. Through our Outsourcing and Consulting services, we are able to mobilize resources and integrate into our clients’ operational structure in order to support the company’s day-to-day activities.

Our Outsourcing and Consulting services are available to companies’ engineering, R&D, operations, sales, and IT departments. Our team of consultants is organized by areas of specialization in such a way so as to reach established objectives and optimize our clients’ operational structures.

The advantages of outsourcing to BETWEEN

Greater efficiency

Eliminate hidden costs

Transform fixed costs into variable costs

Better service coverage


The advantages of working with BETWEEN

Better technical talent

We assign the technical talent that best matches the specific needs of each client and their corporate culture.

Continuity of service

For IT support services, we offer substitute technicians to cover leaves of absence and vacations.

Better performance

We know how to get the best out of our technical talent through monthly follow-ups and twice annual progress assessment interviews.

Satisfied clients

We perform continuous follow-up to ensure services are operating correctly, with monthly visits and periodic assessment surveys of our services.

BETWEEN commitments

Our engineering outsourcing only invoices you for hours actually worked. If our technical staff is sick or on vacation, your cost is zero.

One of our primary corporate values is honesty: we never say one thing and do another. At BETWEEN, we never try to force the assignment of “spare” resources onto a client if they don’t match the client’s needs just right. Likewise, we never bill work done by junior talent at a senior talent’s rate.

At BETWEEN we know that a team coordinator must have good technical sense, but typically lacks sufficient training in managing people. We provide that and help boost the entire team’s performance.


IT outsourcing consists of subcontracting IT engineering services to an external company that becomes responsible for managing and optimizing the entire department or certain domains, projects, or tasks.


Our Engineering Outsourcing division includes a specialized team of over 250 engineers around the world dedicated to supporting projects in development.


With our help, you’ll expend less effort, time and resources carrying out your projects in the fields of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and process plants.