Industrial Services Outsourcing


Thanks to the contributions of our Industrial Services Outsourcing Unit, you will expend less effort, time and resources to carry out your petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and processing plant projects. We dedicate all our human resources to making your project a reality.

We collaborate with you on your engineering projects, offering support at the design stage, with talent that includes:

Mechanical engineers.

Piping specialists.

Instrumentation and control.




Civil engineering.

In the procurement phase, you can count on our talent of:

Purchasing engineers.



During the construction phase we offer support in the following areas, among others:

Electrical, I&C, and mechanical monitoring.

Subcontract management.


Quantity surveyor.

If what you need is support from a technical office, you’ll no longer need to coordinate between a variety of agents (providers, installers, inspection bodies, legal permits, etc.). At BETWEEN, we take care of your project management, using management processes to control the design, procurement, construction and commissioning processes. We can also provide custom closed engineering packages from our industrial services technical office, including:

Calculation and design of electrical installations.

Calculation of pipeline flexibility and stress.

Calculation and design of static equipment.

Structural calculations and design.

BIM modeling.


We have talent available to join your team immediately.