Industrial Services

Thanks to the help that our Industrial Services Unit can offer to your company, you will spend less time, effort and resources on executing your Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Process Plant projects. We put all our human capital at the service of your project.

Our experience executing projects in the Industrial and Civil Engineering industries consolidates our position as a leading engineering consultancy firms at both a national and international level. 

BETWEEN’s Industrial Services division offers our clients technical solutions and consulting services for all types of Engineering: Conceptual, Basic, Detailed, Investment Estimates and Legalisations.

We collaborate on engineering projects, providing support in the design phase, with profiles that include:

Mechanical Engineers.

Piping Specialists.

Instrumentation and Control Engineers.

Processes Engineers.

Electricity Engineers.

HVAC Specialists.

Civil Engineers.

In the procurement phase, you can count on the support of our different profiles:

Purchasing Engineers.



While in the construction phase we can also provide you with different types of support, including:

Electrical supervision, I&C, mechanical.

Subcontracts administration.


Quantity surveyor.


We have profiles that are available to join your team right away.

If what you’re looking for is to receive support from a Technical Office, then you will no longer have to coordinate the different agents involved (suppliers, installers, administrative legalisations, etc.). At BETWEEN, we deal with project management, implementing management processes for design control, procurement, construction and commissioning. We provide the option of making customised engineering packages from our industrial services technical office, among other activities:

Calculation and design of electrical installations.

Calculation of flexibility and stress of pipelines.

Calculation and design of static equipment.

Calculation and structural design.

BIM Modelling.


Open Projects

Don’t waste your time unnecessarily looking for the perfect candidate, we’ll do it for you!
We have a team of experts that search, analyse and select profiles, in order to offer you the candidate that best suits your needs.
We collaborate with our clients in outsourcing the hiring of technical staff so that you can:

Save on structural costs and convert fixed costs into variable costs.

Respond quickly to changes in the environment.

Increase the company's ability to develop activities that it doesn't specialise in.

Closed Projects

We take care of maaging your entire engineering project, from visualisation, design and procurement, to construction and/or commissioning.
We have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are ready to make your projecto become a reality.
We are flexible engineering consultants and we adapt to your needs and the requirements of each project. BETWEEN’s Industrial Services division offers you:

Fast answers and troubleshooting.

Technical consulting with highly-qualified staff who are specialists in every area of Engineering.

A single contact person and ongoing communication with the client.

Optimal quality in the shortest amount of time possible.

Commitment, responsibility and transparency.








BETWEEN’s Industrial Services division has a staff of qualified Engineers and Technicians with proven expertise in the development of multidisciplinary projects in the following industries, while complying with Spanish and international regulations based on the installation and requirements of each client.



Oil and Gas.



Food and Beverage.


Industrial Processes.

Waste Treatment.



The extensive experience of BETWEEN’s staff allows us to participate in all project phases, covering the following Engineering areas:
Mechanical Engineering
• Design and calculation of equipment in CAD 2D and 3D CAD (pressure vessels and rotating equipment).
• FEM / CFD simulations.
• HVAC Systems.
• Experience working with design standards and the legal applicability of pressure equipment both nationally and internationally.
• Experience in design verification according to international codes.
• Specification and requisition of equipment.
• Technical evaluation of the equipment included within the scope of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
• Codes and standards: ASTM, ANSI, ASME, AWWA, API, etc.
Electrical Engineering
• Design of substations and MV and HV power lines, as well as generation plants.
• Design of industrial and residential low and medium voltage electrical installations.
• Wiring and lighting calculations.
• Electrical equipment modelling.
• Design of electrical diagrams.
• Calculations of atmospheric discharges, motors, grounding, etc.
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
• Reliability of systems and instruments and maintenance of Distributed Control Systems (DCS).
• Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD).
• Design of instrumentation systems in process plants.
• Control and firing systems for torches, compressors, furnaces, boilers, turbogenerators, etc.
• Design of vibration systems for rotating equipment.
• Design of radiation measurement systems.
• Specification and requisition of instruments.
Civil Engineering
• Calculation and simulation of structures in general.
• Calculation of structural foundations.
• Geotechnical calculations.
• Regulations and codes: both American and European, such as AISC, ASCE, ACI, ATC, FEMA, IBC, AASHTO, AWS, EHE, EAE and Eurocodes.
Pipeline and Supports Engineering
• Design of piping systems.
• Flexibility calculations in piping systems.
• Design and calculations of supports.
• Lists of materials.
• Generation and administration of 3D models.
• Generation of floor plans, elevations, sections, details and isometrics.
• Design of pipelines.
• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Standards used: ASME, ANSI, API, etc.
Process Engineering
• Engineering and process simulation.
• Preparation of PFD (Process Flow Diagrams)
• Preparation and verification of P&ID (Process and Instrumentation Diagram)
• Preparation of material and energy balances.
• Hydraulic calculations.
• Support in pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and implementation of installations.
Fire Protection Engineering
• Hydraulic calculations.
• Design of firefighting foam and water systems.
• Design of global network systems (hydrants, monitors, hose boxes, etc.)
• Design of sprinkler and water spray systems.
• Design of extinguishing systems based on fire extinguishers, dry systems.
• Preparation of evacuation plans, elevations, details and isometrics.
• Specification and requisition of equipment.


Whatever your needs may be, we have custom resources just for you.