BETWEEN IT Solutions

Computing, Development, Support and Multimedia Services for your company’s IT Department.

Solutions Implementation

Global solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business.


Software Developement Services

With over 30 software development consultants, we can meet any need, no matter how challenging. We not only use the most widely used technologies but also the latest ones, and adopt Agile methodologies and best practices.

We also offer your Project Leads access to our Project Management dashboard so that they can at any time see the same information that we manage and track the aspects that are of greatest interest to you.

We also provide functional and change management support services, connecting the development and support teams and converting recurring incidents into improvements that are passed back to the development team, creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

Support & Operation Services

HelpDesk and ServiceDesk services to handle incidents reported by your internal clients. We offer onsite and remote support, or a combination of both, allowing you to expand the availability of support services without increasing the number of external personnel within your departments.

Users have access to a customized portal through which they can request help and services offered by your company.

We offer your IT department access to our support ticket application to easily track the KPIs established during the service design phase.

Multimedia Services

We can take care of 100% of any company’s audiovisual needs, from producing advertising spots to recording and editing lectures for business schools.

We have been providing audiovisual services for over 10 years, and are continuously adapting to the latest technological advances and market trends.

Cloud Services

In a world where financing costs and amortization of capital expenses can eat into your profits, switching from investing in hardware and software licenses to computational processes that are expensed, can seem a little frightening at first.

We help our clients through this process, from migrating to standard platforms such as Office 365, to the adoption of SaaS solutions for any company process.


Our specialized personnel and the continuous upgrading of our software and hardware capabilities allows us to architect and implement the most complex and cutting-edge projects, including R&D services, HelpDesk, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, New Materials, Virtual Reality, etc.

It’s not just technology that evolves, but also people and the way we interact. BETWEEN is a flexible and continuously improving company, with a clear set of core values: we believe in personal talent, and we empower each of our employees. We have people all over the world, professionals with many years of experience, as well as young people with new knowledge and innovative ideas.

We also provide functional support services, using Agile methodologies to connect the development and support teams and convert recurring incidents into improvements that are passed back to the development team, creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

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