Technological Profile Specialized Recruitment

At BETWEEN Technology, we specialize in recruiting tech talent with considerable experience both at the national and international levels. We can be your HR partner. Our clients include some of the leading companies in the ICT and Industrial sectors in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and other EU countries.

Our expertise in recruiting tech talent has allowed us to define specific recruitment services for each need. We can even train your coordinators and project managers in headhunting and talent retention.

Specialists in Tech Talent

Our high level of expertise allows us to differentiate tech talent by specialty, expertise, experience and salary range.

+ 150,000 candidates | 80 different technologies

We have a database of over 150,000 candidates from across the tech sector, with over 80 different technology tests that allow us to provide quick and efficient responses to our clients’ needs.

We offer the best candidates

We provide you with the talent that best meets your needs and your corporate culture.

Multidisciplinary team to evaluate job candidates

We have a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, consultants and technicians who can assess each candidate’s know-how, skills and behavior.

Continuous feedback throughout the process

As a client, we will keep you informed of the state of the candidate selection process on a weekly basis. You will always be informed of the quantity and quality of the candidates met with as the interviews progress. This helps us identify obstacles in early stages of the process and take measures to correct them.

Potential candidates


Analysts and Programmers.


Software architecture.


QA technicians.



System administrators.


User/Help Desk support.


Database administrators.


SAP/ERP consultants.



Embedded software.


Firmware engineers.


Networks - Communications.



SEO/SEM positioning.


Content management.




Community Manager.



Mechanical engineers.


Calculation engineers.


Industrial organization.


Process engineering.



Power electronics.


Hardware development.


Digital electronics.


Technical office.



Sales technicians for technology sectors.



We have talent available to join your team immediately.

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