The last three months of 2019 have been months in which BETWEEN has been part of different solidarity actions. Aligned with the RSC strategy, the objective was to foster and boost the commitment to the development of people and society.

As for sports activities, we had a year-end closing with a large participation in different solidarity events:

Sport Solidarity Activities

1st BETWEEN’s Great Tournament

Football triumphed in Barcelona, while Padel shined in Bilbao. In Barcelona, ​​during the tournament, the Solidarity Market was held where betweeners carried books, clothes or toys that they did not use so that someone else could give it a second life. The money raised from the sale of the market will be donated to the foundation selected in the following Between Solidari. As for the items that failed to sell, a donation was made in kind to the Caritas Foundation.

Basketball Training

Training with the Special Olympics team: after a great training with the Special Olympics team, we played a fun matched.

Solidarity Races

Many betweeners signed up for different races at the end of the year, running for a solidarity goal. To mention a few:

-Carrera Fundación Síndrome de Down – Madrid

-Carrera Solidaria contra el Cáncer de Mama – Bilbao

-Carrera de la Mujer – Barcelona

-Carrera Empresas – Zaragoza

-Carrera del Esquiador – Barcelona

Volunteer Solidarity Activities

During the month of October several activities were carried out regarding this topic. One of them was that of the Labor Orientation Workshop for women at risk of social exclusion carried out by our colleagues in the Madrid office.

We also had a Blood Donation Campaign, organized in conjunction with the Banc de Sang i Teixits in Barcelona to cover the reserves of patients in Catalonia. Many betweeners made their happy donations of knowing that they would go to help someone.

On the other hand, highlight the continued volunteering with the Escuela de Educación Especial l’Arboç de la Fundació el Maresme, led by Marina Gavin, Front Developer of BETWEEN. Together with their team, they dedicate hours of volunteering, to develop two websites that aims to provide educational activities and training to students with special needs of the school.

Christmas Solidarity Activities

Toys Pickup

To celebrate Christmas dates, an action was thought to bring happiness and toys to children through different foundations. In Madrid they were assigned to the Red Cross and in Barcelona for the Movements for Peace.

Food bank

The Bilbao team joined the food collection organized by the Food Bank of Bilbao. A volunteer of betweeners collected donations in kind just outside a large supermarket area.

Diversity Wall

To celebrate the month of diversity, we organized a campaign to share messages of support, recognition and empathy to colleagues who are part of the diverse collective of BETWEEN. All the messages were positive and admiring, which shows the inclusive society that we promote as a company.

All the associations with which we work together to achieve these altruistic activities, received our Tweeny as thanks and solidarity symbol of BETWEEN.

In BETWEEN we feel very fortunate to be able to contribute in this kind of solidarity activities. The fact of being able to contribute something to someone or an organization that needs it, makes us feel motivated to continue growing and to continue contributing to this type of causes.