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The importance of post-processing in 3D printing- Interview with Enric Sirera from ABRAST

In recent years we have learned the importance and advantages of 3D printing. But recently, we have come to know an area of ​​3D printing that is little known but essential to get perfect and useful parts, post-processing

Enric Sirera, B.U Manager from Abrast, is dedicated to helping additive manufacturing companies by providing post-processing and surface finishing solutions to maximize the value of their products. He joined the ABRAST Project about a year and a half ago, and since then, they have been working to capitalize on the more than 30 years of experience of the CONIEX Group and its trusted partners in this field.

The collaboration between BETWEEN and the CONIEX Group has been very active for years, especially in the field of design and industrialization of some of the solutions for Abrast. Specifically, in the field of additive manufacturing, this relationship is intensified when we at BETWEEN adopt MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) technology for partners like HP. In this way, we intend to expand our value proposition to our clients.

In our interview, Enric, explains what Abrast is and what they do.

(You can follow the answers and interview in the following videos)

Why bet on post-process solutions and surface finishes for 3D parts?

Unfortunately, most of these technologies produce parts and components that cannot be placed on the market “as is” without first being properly treated and finished.

For this same reason, different post-processing techniques are used for 3D printed parts, such as those used at Abrast:

It should be noted that without one or more post-processing operations, an additively manufactured part has a high probability of being useless, as simple as that“, Enric explains. ABRAST’s holistic approach to the different alternatives and post-process possibilities provides our clients with the possibility of having the best type of finish at all times, considering the economic aspects associated with each process. Also, and very especially within in the field of additive manufacturing, offering possibilities that customers do not know. This is an aspect that we are seeing every day, for example in blasting and vibration processes, whose careful selection of abrasives and / or combination of processes, provides results that the client did not even know that they were possible! “.

The great added value of Abrast is its holistic approach. The ability to have a global and integral vision of prost-processing allows them to be differentiated, with a unique value proposition in the market.

What is the collaboration with BETWEEN?

Finally, we did not want to end the interview without knowing Enric’s opinion on the evolution and trends in the world of 3D printing after the pandemic and the situation in which we find ourselves.

The collaboration between BETWEEN and Abrast is aimed at contributing and improving post-processing processes, generating improvement solutions in the world of 3D printing.



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