Oscar Serret, BETWEEN’s CEO, has visited BETWEEN’s teams in Suzhou (China). The goal of this yearly visit is to ensure first hand the connection of these employees with BETWEEN and to give the team the opportunity to get direct feedback. Serret has also used the occasion to talk to them about BETWEEN’s future projects, especially those related to the new service areas.

During this visit, Oscar was accompanied by Sophie Zou, BETWEEN’s Manager in China, and Marc Cristòfol, Associate partner for Asia. They all visited NKG facilities, the manufacturer of one of our clients, HP INC, where we have a team of six engineers:  Josa, Daniel, Xu Jian, Su Jun, Li Shaohua and Cao Xiaoyan. Later on, they visited Mapro’s facilities too, which are located in Suzhou and where we have another team made up of three engineers: Shi Cenda, Xu Xiaoxu and ZhaoMin.

Serret’s Asian visit ended with an encounter at Ficosa’s factory in Taicang (Suzhou), a potential client in China for automotive software engineers. In fact, Ficosa’s headquarter factory, located in Viladecavalls (in the Catalan province of Barcelona), is already one of BETWEEN’s clients.