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Our first success case of BETWEEN’s internal promotion policy: Carlos Gabriel Sebastiani

Initial situation

Carlos Gabriel Sebastiani starts his career at Between on February 6th as a programmer in the IT area, to develop and provide support for one of our client’s applications. Carlos is very interested in understanding at a business level what the application is and, to that end, he carries out weekly meetings with the client, who is always very responsive. Gradually, Carlos starts taking care of managing issues, which means that he is responsible for managing the project. A situation that overlaps in time with the quitting of the application’s main developer. At the beginning the team assumes more responsibility, and Carlos starts developing, giving support, and having more control over some of the project’s aspects.


A vacancy is opened to find a Project Manager that can assume the responsibility of this application for the client. Carlos’ supervisor (Ricardo Alonso) proposes Carlos for this new position. Carlos, for his part, shows interest since he has the required technical knowledge for the position, and, additionally, he has the advantage that he is already part of the project’s team. The selection process is kept open and even Carlos’ brother takes part in it. Finally, and after evaluating other candidates’ profiles, Carlos’ supervisor thinks that he is the perfect person for this position and offers him to be the new Project Manager. Carlos had already worked as a Project Manager in Venezuela, taking care of smaller projects.


In 7 months Carlos Gabriel Sebastiani is promoted within BETWEEN Technology becoming a Project Manager, assuming new challenges and receiving all the support on behalf of his team in his new role. “In a short period of time, I have seen that it is possible to evolve and grow professionally in this company. They root for their employees. In fact, it’s like football, betting on your current employees is the best thing you can do, since they have more knowledge of the business and even of the team. I am very grateful” says Carlos Gabriel Sebastiani.



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