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At BETWEEN, we walk by your side to help you reach the stars

At BETWEEN we firmly believe in professional mobility and we bet on it by changing projects or by linking a project with the following one with the aim of offering what you need professionally in each moment. From Talent Management we support betweeners in the attainment of their professional goals without them having to give up on their personal ones. That’s why we have asked two of our betweeners who have been working in different projects at BETWEEN, something which has become a great opportunity for their development and growth within the company. Meet Berta Cayuela and Oriol Roig!


Read about Berta Cayuela’s story, new Barcelona’s Service Manager

I’m Berta Cayuela and I became part of BETWEEN’s family 10 years ago, when I started working as a consultant. Recently, I have made a U-turn in my professional career by becoming Barcelona’s office Service Manager.

Berta Cayuela, Service Manager en Barcelon
Berta Cayuela, new Barcelona’s Service Manager

My experience at BETWEEN is very positive, I have always felt supported and they have helped me whenever I have needed it. When working as a consultant, many times you feel like you don’t belong to your company or to the client’s company, your workplace is not in your actual company, and this may sometimes cause uncertainty but, thanks to the comradeship there is among betweeners, the truth is that you do feel that you are part of something. Now, seeing it from the inside, I’m very happy to be working here, there’s a pleasant, fresh and healthy working environment. Waking up every day willing to get to work is proof that you feel comfortable and that you are doing things correctly.

After 10 years the change was not easy at all, but, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and, even though I didn’t have in mind looking for a new personal challenge immediately, now I see that it couldn’t have gone any better. I have discovered that I love being a Service Manager, that I’m good at it and that consultants value it very positively, so I feel very fortunate about it. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I firmly believe that the change came in the exact moment it had to. Will it be fate? Who knows! But here I am, ready to conquer the world!



Oriol Roig, a new member to the Engineering LAB

My name is Oriol Roig and I’ve been a betweener for the past 9 years. During all this time I have been working as a consultant in two projects, and a few months ago I started working as an engineer at BETWEEN’s Engineering LAB.

Oriol Roig, ingeniero del Engineering LAB
Oriol Roig, new member to the Engineering LAB

Working as a consultant at a client gives you the chance to get to know and get involved in many different professional aspects, from the product development to its manufacturing. On the other hand, BETWEEN has evolved a lot during the past few years with regard to training and making their consultants’ day-to-day much easier.

As a consultant, I have worked at two companies with very different projects, one related with traditional printing, and the other one with 3D printing. This has allowed me to work in a high-level R&D&I environment, and I’ve had the chance to see all the development stages of the product. I’ve made prototypes for testing several of the product’s functionalities, but I have also travelled to Asia to give support in the final manufacturing of the product.

With regard to the transition between projects, it has always depended on the stage in which the project was by the time I joined in. When the project is at an advanced stage, you start at full speed in order to carry out all the necessary tasks such as redesigning or testing in order to validate the design. On the contrary, if the project is at an earlier stage, you have more time to get used to it and to work a bit more on prototypes.

After such a long time working in the same place and making similar machines, I was really willing to see new things, both with regard to machinery and working methodology. I’ve been at BETWEEN’s Engineering LAB for a few months now and the transition is going very well, I’m getting used to the technical office’s synergy. The truth is that they are making things really easy for me.


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